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CSE Confined Space Entry

26 May 2022 8:30 AM

126 Douro St
North Geelong VIC 3215

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Successful completion of this course requires Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills. To decide whether this course is appropriate for you, consider if you are able to complete the following tasks;

  • Are you able to read and understand both analogue and digital gauges?
  • Are you able to differentiate between high and low readings on both analogue and digital gauges?
  • Are you able to read and interpret sometimes complex P&IDs (Piping and Instrument Diagrams)?
  • Are you able to speak clearly and unambiguously in English?
  • Are you able to explain very complex situations or issues as required?
  • Are you able to perform writing tasks to the level of completing workplace forms and documents?

The course that you are about to enrol in requires a level of physical ability. Some pre-existing injuries, medical, psychological or physiological conditions may preclude you from being able to perform tasks to the level required to achieve a satisfactory result in the task. If you answer yes to any of the following questions this does not necessarily preclude you from the training, however you are required to contact PARCOR on 1300 666 101 or to discuss options. As this course involves some high-risk activities, failure to disclose any pre-existing injuries, medical, psychological or physiological conditions may put yourself, other participants and PARCOR staff at risk. Where this is the case, you may be excluded from undertaking some activities and tasks throughout the course and that will result in you not being eligible for a Statement of Attainment.

Some conditions that may affect your ability to successfully complete the course are;

If you have ever experienced or suffered from Vertigo (dizziness at heights) or acrophobia (fear of heights) or claustrophobia (fear of having no escape and being enclosed or small spaces or rooms).

If you have any physical or psychological condition that may prevent you from entering a confined space or small opening, climbing a ladder or structure, wearing a full body safety harness, or prevent you from performing manual handling task and strenuous activities.

If you have ever have or are currently experiencing shoulder, back, hip, or knee injuries.